Ivana (Ishwari Devi Das) was born in Zadar in 1980, and her “re-birth” happened in 2006, when she started her journey of physical and spiritual transformation. In her “past life” she was veterinarian, the profession she chose as she always felt connected to Mother Earth and all living creatures. However, a deeper spiritual meaning was missing and was sent to her in her mid-twenties in a form of her first spiritual teacher, Jagannth das. Patiently and intensely, he guided her through Bhakti yoga and taught her first techniques of Hatha yoga.
Internally grateful, she continued advancing in Bhakti Yoga and studying Shrimad Bhagavatam and other sacred Vedas, with profound inspiration and deep appreciation for the spiritual master, who translated them into English, Srila Prabhupada.
Other inspirations woven into her yoga practice include her time spent in India, where she met her spiritual teachers and teacher of Raja and Ashtanga yoga, who confirmed her that she is on her chosen path and encouraged her to continue advancing in her Yoga teacher education.
She met her teacher Sandra Petra Pintaric at Kirtan Retreat in 2010 and entered Divya Yoga School, where she progressed intensively and got her Yoga teacher certificate. Ashtanga with Petra and classes with Sandra were filled with patience, creativity, deep asanas and friendly advice, that formed Ivana’s unique practice today, for which she is eternally grateful.
Over the last decade that she has partially spent in India, her other home, Ivana practiced her Yoga with teachers as Andrej Ram, Yannis Andristsos and many others. She is a follower and practitioner of Goudie Vaishnava Sampradaya legacy.
Yoga made it possible for her to develop a gift of healing and extra sensorial capabilities through which she practices karmic diagnosis, cleansing and strengthening the aura, thus helping people in many different ways.
After advanced Asthanga and Vinyasa practice, she deepened her connection through Hatha Raja Yoga by Dharma Mittra sequence, her truthful spiritual master.
In 2016 she met Andrej Rama in Barcelona, who deepened her knowledge of Hatha yoga in its original form.
Ivana Belongs to Goudie Vaishnava Sampradaya, and she spents time every year with her spiritual family at Radha Kund Kusum Sarover.
In 2016 she met Andrej Rama in Barcelona, who deepened her knowledge of Hatha yoga in its original form.
“No form, no judgment” is how Ivana sums up her current approach to teaching. “Being a yogi is an internal silence, the place with no past and no future, only unconditional love.”- she says.
With a mission to transform love through songs, Ivana writes poetry and her first book is soon to be published.



I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I first learned about Yoga in high school, quite by chance, when I met some Krishna devotees and impressed by their open nature and character, I started studying the Bhagavad Gita. This was my introduction to Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of devotion).
Some years later I received initiation into the Transcendental Meditation technique, which I practiced for some years. Roughly around that time I also developed an interest in Reiki, and completed the three levels of mastery in this esoteric type of energy healing.
I’ve always been drawn to the fundamental human drive to achieve contentment and happiness and to naturally spread that state of being to others around me.
As a child I started dancing, it has been the love and passion of my life, and today after years of formal and informal education, ranging from the Zagreb School of Dance to receiving my MBA at the University of Kinesiology in Zagreb, my main creative outlet is teaching kids to dance and creating my own choreographies. I’ve also received education for Rainbow Kids, a program of yoga for kids, which I teach as part of my dance education for children.
I’ve also worked for years as a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor, but as soon as the first Yoga studio in Zagreb (NAVA Studio) opened its doors, it became my home away from home. The dynamic type of Yoga they taught perfectly fit my character. This is where I met my first Yoga teacher, Marco Bianco. It was under his tutelage that I completed my first TTC on Bali, and later on continued to assist him in classes for a year.
My practice was Ashtanga Yoga, and being a dancer at heart, I had the discipline to practice it daily for years. Some time after I met and learned under the guidance of Tomislav Budak, in the technique known as Transformation of Karmic Patterns. This practice has had a very meaningful impact on my life. By going to Zen meditation retreats, I learned to open and purify my mind, and learned how to slowly reconnect to my source. I’ve also studied shamanism and participated in some amazonian Teacher Plant ceremonies.
My passion for travel and Yoga took me to Thailand and Bali frequently, where I practiced with various teachers from the Ashtanga lineage and completed another certified course in advanced Pranayama, and then finally India! The heart of Yoga, where I met and studied under Rolf Naujokat.
His guidance and knowledge further developed my personal practice, for which I am forever grateful.
After a minor injury, while doing a particularly demanding asana, there was a shift in the way I thought about my body and the practice of Yoga. I am drawn to classical Hatha Raja Yoga. This shift calms my dancers’ temperament and changes the way I think about my body and pushing my limits. Through this new way of Yoga practice I truly begin to understand Ahimsa (non-violence). Soon after I begin two-year long TTC-500 RYT’s one in the Divya School of Yoga and one in Gaia Yoga. Some time later I begin my work as a teacher in the Divya studio, parallel to working in my studio for Dance and Yoga called Ritam Zona. Over the next few years I collaborate with various yoga teachers in India to develop programs for teacher training courses.
Many moments, people and teachers crossed my path, and by their grace, each time a fragment of higher consciousness took hold in my heart, through them I grew, was granted new knowledge and directions to live a more fulfilled life. However, my true awakening begins after meeting Swami Nardananda, and spending a month in his Ashram in India.
I am still as passionate today about traveling as I was on my very first trip abroad, climbing dormant volcanoes, sleeping in jungles, meditating in ancient places of power, teaching kids all I’ve learned about yoga and dance. I spend my summers organizing dance camps, rafting on rivers, scuba diving in the tropics when I can, just generally trying to squeeze all the juice out of life, not to mention being a mom! I love all authentic experiences, I love people, kids, I just love life, the chance to help to serve, to share and enable others to share in that.
My practice today consists of meditation, pranayama, kriya and mantra chanting and naturally the asana practice of Dharma Yoga and Ashtanga, which I love to share in my classes. I keep my yoga class in an easy atmosphere, preferring to teach in a way that promotes precision, stability, and comfort in my students, I try to creatively push the boundaries of each student while always respecting what Ahimsa teaches us. For me, Yoga is the eternal exploration of one’s self, a path of purification, expansion, learning. A path through which we gain control of the body and mind, and by which we elevate our consciousness. It is in the end, that which brings us to pure love and devotion… to Gratitude.



Javier Salinas tried, as he likes to tell, to avoid yoga in every painful way. He insisted in doing things wrong and about committing all kind of mistakes. But all his efforts were in vain, or just a part of the path, and one day he surprised himself practicing yoga with tight clothes. During his practice Javier has met many masters, so many as beings in the Planet. Everything is a Master if you want to learn. He is disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra and Sri Andrei Ram. In his classes you may expect to work with your body in order achieve beauty and health, and to listen to your divine spirit. He understands the yoga practice as a travel to best place of the universe, which, funny, is inside of everyone. Javier teaches regularly at Barcelona, at a studio near the sea, focusing his teaching into releasing old painful patterns and creating the space to plant beautiful ones. He leads also meditation groups using yoga techniques with a buddhist approach. He combines his personal yoga practice with the practice of martial arts and with writing. He is the author of books of poetry, novels and meditation books. His new book in 2017 will be 50 ways to save your life. Be sure that yoga is one of them.




Andres began to receive teachings of yoga since youth. Vegetarian since age 14. He lives in a yogic community in the South of India named Auroville, teaching daily yoga classes, offering therapies and workshops. After being blessed with the opportunity of studying yoga in several places including Krishnamacharr Yoga Shala, Auroville, Dharma Yoga Center and an Ashram in India, he finally found his inspiration in the teachings of master Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. Therefore, his classes are deeply inspired and rooted in his teachings.He is also certified in Yoga Thai Massage by the Sunshine Massage School and Therapy Thai Massage School.
Meditation is part of his practice, and he has completed courses in Vipassana meditation (Goenka Lineage), Pranic Consciousness, and Vision Quest of the Native American Lineage, among others.
Parallel to his studies on Yoga and Meditation he has a qualified career on Ecology.Andres dedicates his life to live and transmit the teachings and Love for Yoga around South America, India and Europe.